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Ammonium hydrogen difluoride(Ammonium Bifluoride)

Product name: Ammonium hydrogen difluoride

CAS NO.: 1341-49-7

Formula: NH4HF2

N.W.: 57.04





Loss on dry:  

1.5% max                

Residue on ignition:

0.2% max               


 0.1% max               

Ammonium fluosilicate[(NH4)2SiF6]:  

2.0% max  


Packing: 25kg PP woven bags lined with PE bags,UN approved, 21mt/FCL

Use: mainly used as glass etching agents (together with fluohydric acid) in the production of etched glass. It also can be utilized as a chemical agent, disinfection and antiseptic agent in fermentation industry, solvent in making beryllium from beryllia and the surface treating agent of silicon steel plate. And more, its used in ceramic, magnesium alloy, the detergent in boiler feed water system and steam-generating system, acidizing of the sandstone in oil well, and the catalyzer of alkylation isomerization.

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